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What is Psychotherapy...

Psychotherapy offers a safe, empathetic space to explore and talk about repeating patterns of behaviour. These can be difficult and confusing emotions, beliefs and memories which at times seem unhelpful and perhaps overwhelming.

We often repeat patterns of relating which we are not conscious of. We have a tendency to avoid thinking about painful or traumatic experiences. Therapy is about exploring and confronting these feelings and patterns. Everyone has within them the capacity for change. 

Further information on Psychotherapy is available at the British Psychoanalytic Council which you can visit via the link below. 

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My Experience

& Qualifications

I have worked as a chartered physiotherapist for 28 years, with a special interest in psychosomatic and chronic pain. My experience lead me to do a further 5 years of study and complete an MA in  psychodynamic theory and practice. I draw on my extensive experience within the therapeutic field in understanding the physical and mental state of our health and sense of ourselves.

I believe in the holistic approach in striving for harmony within our lives through the connection between mind and body. Therapy can help restore and promote a sense of internal balance. 

"Rather than emotional distress being a sign of illness, it is a need to restore lost meaning." 

                                                                                                                                         Alessandra Lemma

My Professional Memberships

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